San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project
Reference Abstract
Characterization of 24 additional microsatellite loci in Spartina species (Poaceae)

Christina M. Sloop, Heather G. McGray, Michael J. Blum, Donald R. Strong

Published in Conservation Genetics
Vol. 6, No. 6, Dec. 2005

As model organisms for studying biological invasions, Spartina cordgrasses are subjects of many current ecological and evolutionary investigations. Here we characterize an additional 24 disomic loci in Spartina alterniflora for investigating Spartina population genetics and systematics, as well as the recent hybridization between S. alterniflora and S. foliosa . Further evaluation of allelic variation in S. foliosa shows species-specific alleles and lower levels of polymorphisms than previously reported. Allelic variation is again lower in invasive Pacific coast populations of S. alterniflora than in native Atlantic/Gulf coast populations. Most loci also amplified successfully in S. densiflora.

(Journal, No. 3 in expanded list)

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