2007 San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Control Program Schedule
Updated 9/14/07
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Treatment Location

*grey areas denote treatment completed for the season

  Treatment Method
Imazapyr Herbicide Manual
Site # Site Name Sub-Area Number Sub-Area Name County Treatment date Truck Backpack Amphibious vehicle Boat Aerial: Broadcast Aerial: Spray Ball Covering with Geotextile Fabric Manual Digging Excavation
1 Alameda Flood Control Channel 01a* Channel Mouth Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007 X       X        
01b Lower Channel (not including mouth) Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007 X       X        
01c Upper Channel Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007 X       X        
01d Upper Channel - Union City Blvd to I-880 Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007 X   X            
01e Strip Marsh No. of Channel Mouth Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007         X        
01f Pond 3-AFCC Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007     X   X        
2 Bair/Greco Islands 02a Belmont Slough/Island, North Point, Bird Island, Steinberger Slough/ Redwood Shores San Mateo 9/10-9/13/2007 X   X            
02b Steinberger Slough South, Corkscrew Slough, Redwood Creek North San Mateo 7/31-8/2/2007 X   X X          
02c B2 North Quadrant San Mateo 7/31-8/2/2007       X X        
02d B2 South Quadrant - Rookery San Mateo 7/31-8/2/2007         X        
02e West Point Slough NW San Mateo 7/31-8/2/2007 X     X          
02f Greco Island North San Mateo 7/31-8/2/2007       X          
02g West Point Slough SW and East San Mateo 8/27-8/30/2007 X     X          
02h Greco Island South San Mateo 7/31-8/2/2007         X        
02i Ravenswood Slough & Mouth San Mateo 7/31-8/2/2007 X       X        
02j Ravenswood Open Space Preserve San Mateo 9/10-9/13/2007 X                
3 Blackie's Pasture 03a Blackie's Creek (above bridge) Marin 8/29/2007   X              
03b Blackie's Creek Mouth Marin 8/29/2007   X              
4 Corte Madera Creek Complex 04a Corte Madera Marsh Reserve Marin 9/10/2007   X              
04b College of Marin Ecological Reserve Marin 9/10/2007   X           X  
04c Piper Park East Marin Autumn 2007               X  
04d Piper Park West Marin Autumn 2007               X  
04e Larkspur Ferry Landing Area Marin 7/16-7/18/2007   X              
04f Riviera Circle Marin 7/16-7/18/2007   X         X X  
04g Creekside Park Marin 9/13-9/14/2007; 9/26/2007   X           X  
04h Upper Corte Madera Creek (Above Bon Air Road) Marin 9/13-9/14/2007 X X           X  
04i Lower Corte Madera Creek (Between Bon Air Road & HWY 101) Marin Autumn 2007   X           X  
04j Corte Madera Creek Mouth (Downstream of HWY 101) Marin 9/10/2007 X X              
04k Boardwalk No. 1 (Arkites) Marin 9/10/2007 X X           X  
5 Coyote Creek/Mowry Complex 05a Mowry Marsh-Newark Slough to Calaveras Point Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007       X          
05b Dumbarton/Audubon Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007 X                
05c Newark Slough Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007   X     X        
05d LaRiviere Marsh Alameda TBD (September) X X              
05e Mayhew's Landing Alameda TBD (September) X X              
05f Coyote Creek- Alameda County Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007           X      
05g Cargill Pond (W Hotel) Alameda TBD (September)                  
6 Emeryville Crescent 06a Emeryville Crescent East Alameda 9/12/2007   X              
06b Emeryville Crescent West Alameda 9/14/2007 X   X            
7 Oro Loma Marsh 07a Oro Loma Marsh-east Alameda 7/30-7/31/2007     X   X        
07b Oro Loma Marsh-west Alameda 7/30-7/31/2007         X        
8 Palo Alto Baylands 08a Palo Alto Baylands Santa Clara 9/10-9/11/2007 X X              
9 Pickleweed Park 9 Pickleweed Park Marin 9/14/2007               X  
10 Point Pinole Marshes 10a Whittel Marsh Contra Costa TBD (September)   X              
10b Southern Marsh Contra Costa TBD (September)   X              
10c Lone Pine Marsh Contra Costa TBD (September)                  
11 Southampton Marsh 11 Southampton Marsh Solano TBD (Late September)   X              
12 Southeast San Franciso 12a Pier 94 San Francisco                 X  
12b Pier 98/Heron's Head San Francisco                 X  
12c India Basin San Francisco 8/31/2007 X                
12d Hunters Point Naval Reserve San Francisco 8/31/2007 X                
12e Yosemite Channel San Francisco 9/12, 9/20/2007 X                
12f Candlestick Cove San Francisco 9/12/2007 X                
12g Crissy Field San Francisco n/a               X  
13 Whale's Tail Complex 13a Old Alameda Creek North Bank Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007 X       X        
13b Old Alameda Creek Island Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007         X        
13c Old Alameda Creek South Bank Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007 X       X        
13d Whale's Tail North Fluke Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007     X   X        
13e Whale's Tail South Fluke Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007     X   X        
13f Cargill Mitigation Marsh Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007         X        
13g Upstream of 20 Tide Gates Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007         X        
13h Eden Landing-North Creek Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007         X        
13i Eden Landing-Pond 10 Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007         X        
15 South Bay Marshes 15a South Bay Marshes - Santa Clara County Santa Clara TBD (September) X X              
15b Faber/Laumeister Marsh San Mateo 8/1/2007         X        
15c Shoreline regional Park San Mateo 9/26/2007 X X              
16 Cooley Landing Salt Pond Restoration 16 Cooley Landing San Mateo 8/1/2007 X       X        
17 Alameda/San Leandro Bay Complex 17a Alameda Island South (Elsie Rohmer Bird Sanctuary, Crown Memorial State Beach, Crab Cove) Alameda 9/11/-9/12/2007 X   X            
17b Bay Farm Alameda 9/11/-9/12/2007 X                
17c Arrowhead Marsh Alameda 7/30-7/31/2007         X        
17d MLK Regional Shoreline/Garretson Point Alameda 7/30-7/31/2007;
X     X          
17e San Leandro Creek Alameda 9/12-9/14/07 X                
17f Oakland Inner Harbor Alameda 8/13/-8/16/2007       X          
17g Coast Guard Island Alameda 8/13/-8/16/2007       X          
17h MLK Marsh Alameda 7/30-7/31/2007;
17i Coliseum Channels Alameda 8/13-8/16/2007     X            
17j Fan Marsh Alameda 9/10/2007 X                
17k Airport Channel Alameda 9/12-9/13/2007 X     X          
17l Doolittle Pond Alameda TBD (September)     X            
17m Alameda Island East (Aeolian Yacht Club and Eastern Shoreline) Alameda 9/11/-9/12/2007     X            
18 Colma Creek San Bruno Marsh Complex 18a Colma Creek San Mateo 9/11, 9/14/2007     X            
18b Navigable Slough San Mateo 9/11, 9/14/2007     X            
18c "Old Marina" San Mateo 7/31-8/2/2007 X       X        
18d "Inner Harbor" San Mateo 7/31-8/2/2007         X        
18e Sam Trans Peninsula San Mateo 7/31-8/2/2007         X        
18f "Confluence Marsh" San Mateo 7/31-8/2/2007         X        
18g San Bruno Marsh San Mateo 7/31-8/2/2007         X        
18h San Bruno Creek San Mateo 9/11, 9/14/2007     X            
19 West San Francisco Bay 19a Brisbane Lagoon San Mateo 9/4-9/6/2007 X   X            
19b Sierra Point San Mateo 9/4-9/6/2007     X            
19c Oyster Cove San Mateo 9/4-9/6/2007     X            
19d Oyster Point Marina San Mateo 9/4-9/6/2007     X            
19e Oyster Point Park San Mateo 9/4-9/6/2007     X            
19f Point San Bruno San Mateo 9/4-9/6/2007       X          
19g Seaplane Harbor San Mateo 9/11-9/12/2007   X X X          
19h SFO San Mateo 9/11-9/12/2007   X X X          
19i Mills Creek Mouth San Mateo 9/11-9/12/2007   X X            
19j Easton Creek Mouth San Mateo 9/13/2007   X X            
19k Sanchez Marsh San Mateo 8/16/2007     X            
19l Burlingame Lagoon San Mateo 8/16/2007     X            
19m Fisherman's Park San Mateo 8/16/2007 X                
19n Coyote Point Marina/Marsh San Mateo 8/17/2007     X X          
19o San Mateo Creek /Ryder Park San Mateo 8/17/2007   X X            
19p Seal Slough Mouth San Mateo 9/25-28/2007     X            
19q Foster City San Mateo 8/28/2007     X            
19r Anza Lagoon San Mateo 8/16/2007 X                
20 San Leandro/Hayward Shoreline 20a Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline Alameda 7/30/2007 X       X (7/17)        
20b Lew Galbraith Golf Course Alameda TBD (September) X                
20c Dog Bone Marsh Alameda 7/30/2007;
20d Citation Marsh Alameda 9/4-9/7/2007 X       X        
20e East Marsh Alameda 9/11-9/12/2007 X                
20f North Marsh Alameda 7/30-7/31/2007 X       X        
20g Bunker Marsh Alameda 7/30-7/31/2007;
X       X        
20h San Lorenzo Creek & Mouth Alameda 7/30-7/31/2007         X        
20i Bockmann Channel Alameda TBD (September) X                
20j Sulphur Creek Alameda TBD (September) X                
20k Hayward Landing Alameda TBD (September) X                
20l Johnson's Landing Alameda TBD (September)     X            
20m Cogswell Marsh, Quadrant A Alameda 7/30/2007         X        
20n Cogswell Marsh, Quadrant B Alameda 7/30/2007         X        
20o Cogswell Marsh, Quadrant C Alameda 7/30/2007         X        
20p Hayward Shoreline Outliers Alameda 7/30/2007         X        
20q San Leandro Shoreline Outliers Alameda 7/30/2007         X        
20r Oakland Airport Shoreline and Channels Alameda 7/30/2007         X        
21 Ideal Marsh 21a Ideal Marsh North Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007         X        
21b Ideal Marsh South Alameda 7/31-8/2/2007         X        
22 Two Points Complex 22a Wildcat Marsh Contra Costa 9/25-9/26/2007       X          
22b San Pablo Marsh Contra Costa 9/25-9/26/2007       X          
22c Rheem Creek Area Contra Costa 9/25-9/26/2007       X          
22d Stege Marsh Contra Costa 9/25-9/26/2007   X              
22e Hoffman Marsh Contra Costa n/a   X              
22f Albany Shoreline and Bulb (including Codornices Creek mouth) Contra Costa 9/25-9/26/2007   X              
22h Giant Marsh Contra Costa n/a                  
23 Marin Outliers 23a Brickyard Cove Marin 8/29/2007   X              
23b Beach Drive Marin 8/28/2007   X              
23c Loch Lomond Marina Marin 8/29/2007   X              
23d San Rafael Canal Mouth North Marin 8/28/2007   X              
23e Martas Marsh Marin 9/26/2007   X              
23f Paradise Cay Marin 9/13/2007   X   X          
23g Greenwood Cove Marin TBD (September)   X              
23h Strawberry Point Marin TBD (September)   X              
23i Strawberry Cove Marin 9/13/2007   X              
23j Bothin Marsh Marin 9/13/2007   X              
23k Sausalito Marin 9/14/2007   X              
23l Starkweather Park Marin 8/29/2007   X              
23m Novato Marin 9/13/2007       X          
24 Petaluma River 24a Upper Petaluma River- Upstream of Grey's Field Sonoma 9/14/2007                  
24b Grey's Field Sonoma n/a       X          
24c Petaluma Marsh Sonoma 9/14/2007                  
24d Lower Petaluma River- Downstream of San Antonion Creek Marin n/a                  
25 Bay Islands 25a Yerba Buena Island San Francisco TBD (September)   X              
25b Marin Island Marin n/a                  
26 Outer Coast 26a Tom's Point, Tomales Marin n/a                  
26b Limantour Estero Marin TBD (September)   X              
26c Drakes Estero Marin TBD (September)   X              
26d Bolinas Lagoon, North Marin n/a                  
26e Bolinas Lagoon, South Marin n/a