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Ecology and Research

Web site for UC Davis' biocomplexity grant, supported by the National Science Foundation, DEB-0083583, "Dynamics of an Invasive Non-Native Species and its Biological, Physical, and Human Impacts: Spartina alterniflora on the Pacific Coast."

Spartina Control

Invasive Spartina in Washington State: Information on the Spartina Control program progress.


The Extension Toxicology Network (ExToxNet)

Other Invasive Species

The Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force


The National Invasive Species Council

Related Agencies and Organizations

California State Coastal Conservancy


San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex


California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bay Delta Region


The San Francisco Bay Joint Venture

ISP in the Press

This monster plant is taking over Silicon Valley - should we let it?, William Poor, The Verge, August 2018


Massive effort to remove aquatic invader nearly finished, Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News, April 2016(PDF)


Invasive weed all but eliminated , Mark Prado, Marin Independent Journal, March 2016(PDF)


Weeding Out Invasive Grass and Data Errors, ESRI ArcNews, Winter 2014/2015


Turning the Corner on Invasive Spartina, Lexi Pandell, Bay Nature, April-June 2014


How Do You Solve a Problem Like Spartina?, Susan E. Davis, Alameda Magazine, February 2014


Spartina Grass: Friend and Foe?, Rachel Benbrook, Sea Kayaker, August 2011


Hybrid Spartina and the California Clapper Rail, Peggy Olofson, Amy Hutzel, and Marilyn Latta, letter to Estuary News, June 2011


Hybrid Spartina Forum: Defining eradication for a genetic invader, Ingrid Hogle, Cal-IPC News, Spring 2011


Ecologist looking to clear bay of invasive cordgrass , John Driscoll, Eureka Times Standard, December 5, 2007


The Dirt: Native plants vs. exotics in restoring tidal marshes, Ron Sullivan and Joe Eaton, San Francisco Chronicle, November 21, 2007


Invasion of the Bay Snatchers: Local scientists battle aquatic invaders that quash biodiversity and threaten state coffers, Eric Simons, East Bay Express, June 6, 2007


Fears of water weed at popular river park: Biologists testing shoreline cordgrass to see if S.F. Bay invasion has spread north, Corey Young, Petaluma Argus-Courier, December 13, 2006


Biologists Battle Non-Native Marsh-Devouring Grass Ryan White, Alameda Sun, July 21, 2006


Earth versus 'the swamp thing,' Matt O'Brien, Daily Review (Hayward) July 17, 2006


The Great Invaders, Glen Martin, San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, February 5, 2006


Bay Researchers Try to Mow Down Enemy,Glen Martin, San Francisco Chronicle, October 11, 2005


Invading Shoreline Plant Threatens Habitat, Susan Fuller, Alameda Journal, June 17, 2005 (PDF)


Wetlands Threat Branching Out, Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News, June 15, 2005 (PDF)


—Spartina Invasion of San Francisco Bay, D. R. Ayres and D.R. Strong

—San Francisco Bay and Beyond: Invasive Spartina Continues to Spread Among Pacific Estuaries, D. Smith, S. Klohr and K. Zaremba
ANS Digest, Feb 2002
(PDF, 412K, entire Digest)
(PDF, 160K, Spartina articles only)


Nonnative Grass Threatens Wetlands, Jane Kay, San Francisco Chronicle, March 12, 2001


Grass Wars, California Coast & Ocean Magazine feature, Summer 2000


Good Intentions Gone Awry, Phyllis Faber


Girding for Battle Against Spartina, Bill O'Brien


The Cordgrass Is Not Always Greener on the Other Side, Coastlines Magazine, October 1999


Out of the Mud Rises a Marsh, San Francisco Chronicle, April 10, 1976 (Introduction of non-native cordgrass in restoration project, Alameda Creek.)

Preserving Native Wetlands
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