List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

g/m3  micrograms per cubic meter

m  micrometers

ABAG  Association of Bay Area Governments

AMPA  aminophosphoric acid

ATV  all-terrain vehicle

BAAQMD   Bay Area Air Quality Management District

BAF  bioaccumulation factor

Bay  San Francisco Bay

Bay-Delta  San Francisco Bay-Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta

BCDC  San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development

BP  years before the present

BPTCP  Bay Protection and Toxic Cleanup Program

CAA   Clean Air Act (Federal)

CAAS  California Ambient Air Quality Standards

CalEPPC   California Exotic Pest Plant Council

CARB   California Air Resources Board

CDFG   California Department of Fish and Game

CEQ   President's Council on Environmental Quality

CEQA   California Environmental Quality Act

CESA  California Endangered Species Act

CFR  Code of Federal Regulations

cfs   cubic feet per second

cm  centimeters

CNEL  community noise equivalent level

CNDDB   California Natural Diversity Database

CNL  considered but not listed

CNPS   California Native Plant Society

CO  carbon monoxide

Conservancy  California Coastal Conservancy

Council  National Invasive Species Council

CPRC  California Public Resources Code

CSC  California species of concern/species of special concern

CVRWQCB   Central Valley Regional Water Quality
Control Board

CWA   Clean Water Act

CZMA  Coastal Zone Management Act

dB  decibel

dBA   sound level weighted for human hearing

DDT  dicholoro diphenyl tricholoroethane

Delta  Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

DO   dissolved oxygen

EA   environmental assessment

EBRPD   East Bay Regional Park District

EFH  essential fish habitat

EIR   environmental impact report (State)

EIS   environmental impact statement (Federal)

EPA  United States Environmental Protection Agency

ER-L  effects range-low

ER-M  effects range-median

ESA  Federal Endangered Species Act

Estuary  San Francisco Estuary

FD  De-listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act

FE  Federally-listed Endangered

FPE  Species proposed for Federal listing as Endangered

FPT  Species proposed for Federal listing as Threatened

FSC  Federal species of concern/species of special


FT  Federally-listed threatened species

FWCA  Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act

H2S  hydrogen sulfide

Hz  frequency in hertz

IEP   CALFED's Interagency Ecological Program

ISP   San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project

IVM   integrated vegetation management

LEQ  average noise level

LOEC  lowest observable effect concentration

LTMS  San Francisco Long-term Management Strategy for
Disposal and Reuse of Dredged Material

MBTA  Migratory Bird Treaty Act

mcy   million cubic yards

MEI  maximally exposed individual

mg/kg-day  milligrams per kilogram per day

mg/L  milligrams per liter

mgd  million gallons per day

MHHW  mean higher high water

mL  milliliters

MMPA  Marine Mammal Protection Act

MOU  Memorandum of Understanding

mph  miles per hour

MPRSA   National Marine Protection, Research,
and Sanctuaries Act

MSFCMA  Magnuson-Stevenson Fishery Conservation and Management Act

NAAQS  national ambient air quality standard

NEPA   National Environmental Policy Act

NHPA  National Historic Preservation Act

NMFS   National Marine Fisheries Service

NNG  N-nitroso-glyphosate

NOAA   National Oceanic and Atmospheric

NOEC  no observable effect concentration

NOI   Notice of Intent (CEQA term)

NOP   Notice of Preparation (NEPA term)

NOx  nitrogen oxides

NPDES   National Pollutant Discharge Elimination

NPEO  nonylphenol polyethoxylate

NPL  National Priorities List

O2  ozone

OHP   California Office of Historic Preservation

OSHA  California Occupational Safety and Health Administration

PAHs   polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

PCBs   polychlorinated biphenyls

PM10  small diameter particles

ppb  parts per billion

ppm  parts per million

ppq  parts per quadrillion

ppt  parts per thousand

pptr   parts per trillion

PRC  Public Resource Code

RfD  reference dose

RHA  Rivers and Harbors Act

RMP  San Francisco Bay Regional Monitoring Program

ROD  Record of Decision (NEPA term)

ROI  Region of Influence (NEPA term)

RWQCB   Regional Water Quality Control Board

SCP  Spartina Control Program

SE  state-listed endangered species

Service  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

SFBRWQCB   San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board

SFEI  San Francisco Estuary Institute

SFEP  San Francisco Estuary Project

SHPO   State Historic Preservation Officer

SIP  State Implementation Plan (air quality)

SLC   State Lands Commission

SO2  sulfur dioxide

SOx  sulfur oxides

SPCC  Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures

SR  State-listed rare

SWRCB   State Water Resources Control Board

ST  state-listed threatened species

TSS  total suspended solids

USACE  United States Army Corps of Engineers

USDA  United States Department of Agriculture

USFWS   United States Fish and Wildlife Service

USGS  United States Geological Survey

VOC  volatile organic compound

WDR   waste discharge requirement