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Control Sites

Site Detail
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Site Definitions

  • Active - Site-Specific Control Plan is being implemented (ongoing)
  • Inactive - the site has been included as a sub-area in another site
  • Complete - Non-native Spartina has been eradicated from this site (monitoring may be ongoing)

Site# Year
Status Name
006 2004 Active Emeryville Crescent
Alameda County
  The Emeryville Crescent marsh is a 103.5-acre, fringing mixed pickleweed (Salicornia virginica) marsh shoreline between Powell Street in Emeryville and the eastern landfall of the Oakland Bay Bridge. Two sub-areas, Emeryville Crescent East (6a) and Emeryville Crescent West (6b), have been delineated due to the historical ownership and maintenance of the site. The site abuts an extremely heavily developed area on the east side of the Bay, with Interstate 80/580 directly adjacent to the east, and the approach to the San Francisco Bay Bridge adjacent to the south. Local anglers, dog-walkers, and other recreational groups frequently use the marshlands included in this site. Illegal activities such as dumping and littering, unauthorized camping, and public inebriation also occur along the edges of, and sometimes within, the marshlands of this site. The non-native Spartina infestations at Emeryville Crescent are in the early stages of establishment on the site. The individual locations of these plants are scattered across both of the Sub-Areas, but their overall acreage is small, at less than 2.6 acres or 2.5% of the combined marsh acreage. The infestation is located mainly along the bay edge of the marsh, adjacent to the open mudflats on the outer edge of the site, with a few scattered clones establishing on the interior portions of the marsh within Sub-Area 6b. The primary treatment method at this site is aquatic herbicide, which will be applied by conventional spray truck, backpack sprayer, and tracked amphibious vehicle. Partners on this site include the California Department of Parks and Recreation and the East Bay Regional Parks District.

    Site Specific Plan
  06/02/05 Site Specific Plan (PDF) (DOCUMENT, 105K)
    Attachment 1: Site Maps and Photographs
  07/06/05 Site Maps and Photographs (PDF) (DOCUMENT, 768K)
    Attachment 2: Work Program
  06/02/05 Work Program (PDF) (DOCUMENT, 191K)
    Attachment 3: Environmental Compliance
  09/20/04 DFG Authorization (PDF) (DOCUMENT, 79K)
  09/23/04 Notice of Intent (PDF) (DOCUMENT, 581K)
  09/23/04 Notice of Intent (PDF) (DOCUMENT, 311K)
  06/02/05 Environmental Compliance (PDF) (DOCUMENT, 300K)
    Attachment 4: Site Safety and Materials Handling
  06/06/05 Site Safety & Materials Handling (HTML) (DOCUMENT, 4K)



Event Definitions

  • Planned - this control work event has been scheduled by the contractor or ISP partner
  • Complete - the specific control event for a given date(s) has been completed

The Start and End Date(s) listed below are the expected days for the Control Event based on the estimates provided by the contractor or ISP partner, and are subject to change.

The Control Program is implementing multi-year plans on the non-native Spartina infestations around the San Francisco Estuary. If the status of a Control Program event is listed as "Complete", it refers to the implementation of the plan for the posted event for a given year, and does not imply that the site has yet reached eradication. Please refer to the Site-Specific Plans for more information and a projected timeline to eradication for a given site.

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Start Date   End Date Type Status
09/16/04   11/05/04 Spray Complete
09/23/05   Spray Complete



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