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San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project
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Spartina alterniflora is rapidly colonizing mudflats surrounding Alameda Island.

The Invasive Spartina Project is a coordinated regional effort among local, state and federal organizations dedicated to preserving California's extraordinary coastal biological resources through the elimination of introduced species of Spartina (cordgrass).

Introduced cordgrasses are highly aggressive invaders that significantly alter both the physical structure and biological composition of our tidal marshes, mudflats and creeks.

Spartina Videos
Oregon Public Broadcasting, short documentaries - China and Willapa Bay, OR

Featured Press
-ESRI ArcNews, Winter 2014/2015

-Bay Nature, April-June 2014


-Alameda Magazine, January-February2014, Volume 13, Number 1






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October 2014



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August 2014



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October 2014



2014 Aquatic Pesticide Application Plan
March 2014


2012 ISP Monitoring and Treatment Report
February 2014






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